California Advanced Services Fund




In order to file an application, you must have a login account.

If you do not have a login account, you may request one by sending an e-mail to:

To expedite the approval of your account, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Your full name
  • Your phone number

After your account has been approved, you will receive an e-mail containing your user name and password.


Before you file an application be sure that you have the following files available.  Note that only one file is allowed to be uploaded per item.  Therefore, if you have more than one file per item, .ZIP the files so that one file can be uploaded.

You will be required to attach these files to your application:


  1. Project Summary
  2. Proof of your CPCN or U Number -OR- proof of your application for certification
  3. Information Sheet with a Certificate of Good Standing issued by the CA Secretary of State attached
  4. Organizational Chart, Company History and Readiness to Build, Manage and Operate Broadband
  5. Resumes of key officers and management personnel
  6. Current Broadband Infrastructure Description
  7. Current Broadband Infrastructure Shapefiles
  8. List showing number of households per CBG and per ZIP Code
  9. Proposed Broadband Project Description
  10. Proposed Broadband Project Location
  11. Proposed Broadband Project Location Shapefiles
  12. Assertion that area being proposed is Unserved or Underserved
  13. Estimated Potential Subscriber Size (estimated number of potential broadband households and subscribers in proposed project location by CBG and Zip Code)
    1. Documentation of assumptions and data sources used to compile estimates
    2. Adoption Plan
  14. Deployment schedule
  15. Proposed Project Budget
  16. Economic Life of Assets to be Funded
  17. Local Government and Community Support (optional)
  18. Agreement to Post Performance Bond if matching funds are not from applicant's capital budget
  19. Proposed Pricing
  20. Price Commitment Period to Offer Broadband Service to All Households at Proposed Subscription Rates
  21. Financials
    1. CPA Audited/Attested Financial Statements for the last three years (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows)
    2. Pro Forma Financial Forecast over 5 years (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows)
    3. Annual EBIT (Earnings Before Income and Tax) projection over 5 years
    4. Schedule of all outstanding and planned debt (For Grant/Loan Combination Only)
    5. Collateral Documentation (include depreciation schedule of assets) (For Grant/Loan Combination Only)
    6. Equity Requirement of 20% of the loan amount (For Grant/Loan Combination Only)  Equity requirement of 20% should be sustained throughout the life of the loan: 5 years
    7. Minimum TIER Requirement of 1.5 (For Grant/Loan Combination Only)  The minimum TIER requirement of 1.5 should be sustained throughout the life term of the loan: 5 years
  22. If Providing Voice Service - Availability of voice service that meets FCC standards
  23. CEQA Compliance
    1. Agreement to provide, prior to the 1st 25% pymt, Proponent's Environmental Assessment
    2. Agreement to provide, prior to the 1st 25% pymt, identification of any other special permits required
  24. Notarized Affidavit    

Please read the instructions before proceeding.


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